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Bid history for item: 519 - MaxBids are not disclosed! MCCCD Online ONLY Auction - No Buyer's Premium - Now thru Sunday, May 19th 2019 - Bidding begins to close Sunday, May 19th @ 5pm AZ Time

Bidder Amount Time (ET) Current Winning
17104 5.00 May-16-2019 9:48am 5.00 17104
13930 6.00 May-19-2019 6:54pm 6.00 13930
17104 7.00 May-19-2019 7:58pm 8.00 13930
17104 9.00 May-19-2019 8:00pm 10.00 13930

Note: If the last bidder is different than the winning bidder, the winning bidder has previously placed a MaxBid.