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My Big Fat Greek Restaurant Online Only Onsite Auction

Bidding is Tuesday February 1st - Sunday February 7th @ 5pm
My Big Fat Greek Restaurant Online Only Onsite Auction

MCCD Online Only Auction

Bidding ends Friday February 5th @ 7PM Arizona Time
MCCD Online Only Onsite Auction

Online ONLY Surplus Auction -Tucson

Bidding is From January 12th- Friday January 15th @7PM Arizona time
Household Items, Computers, Consumer Electronics and more! Bidding Ends Friday January 15th 18th @ 7PM Arizona Time

Surplus Online ONLY Auction - Phoenix

February 9th - Friday February 12th, 2016, Ends at 7pm AZ Time

Auction Begins on Tuesday February 9th 2016 and runs through February 12th, 2016 @ 7pm. You are invited to pay for items anytime after 8am Saturday

Bidding is a "Soft" Closing. Bidding will start to close at 7pm Friday with lot #1000. Bidding will close on 15 items per minute, until all items are closed. (example: If the item you are bidding on is lot #1350, your item may not close until 7:30pm or later.) So you may want to set a Max Bid or watch the bidding on Friday night.

To prevent sniper bidding(somebody bidding at the last second) the item receives a bid within the last minute, the item will remain open an additional 2 mins.